Bomb in Jakarta Hotel Was American/Israeli
Someone in Washington has a lot of explaining to do!

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Jakarta CCTV Proves Bush & Howard Lying About “Muslim Terrorists” - Scroll Down to Red Update

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“Hotel bosses said staff and guests had been evacuated before the blast,
which happened during the busy lunch hour” – Sky News
           By now we have all been saturated with the standard “War on Terror” blurb about the bombing of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Jakarta on 5 August 2003. Speaking with a single corporate voice, the western media stated surprisingly quickly that the bomb was the work of a lone suicide bomber working for the “feared terrorist organization ” Jemaah Islamiah, which allegedly and very brazenly drove a Toyota van up to the front of the hotel, where the Toyota obligingly and predictably exploded with a loud and unmistakable bang.
            Warming to this incredibly inaccurate and deceitful theme, the corporate media then ran thousands of feet of video footage showing smoke billowing out of the hotel, people running around in circles, “experts” from three different continents saying how evil these Muslim Jemaah Islamiah folk really are, and so on and so on.  Then in less than 48 hours we were told that the guilty bomber was called “Asmal”, who was unfortunately killed in the blast, making embarrassing trials like those in Bali completely unnecessary in the future.
            Alas, the corporate media was lying through its teeth as usual, with none of its “facts” standing up to even the most casual of scrutiny. The first Mega clue to the deception was the magnitude of the blast, which blew the windows out of all 25 floors of the condominium building next door. Do you have any idea how much overpressure in p.s.i. is needed to shatter reinforced laminated glass more than 450 feet away from ground zero? Adding to this huge problem was the reinforced concrete slab roof of the hotel lobby, through which the shock wave first had to travel before it could even begin to affect the tall condominium building. Check out the approximate blast vector shown in the center photograph below.
           The second Mega clue was the crater, or rather the lack of one. Though I searched diligently this proved impossible to find on the western corporate video footage, but I was finally sent a picture by a contact in Indonesia. Now then people, remember the corporate media has told you  that the “Toyota Van” was parked in the driveway outside the front of the Marriott hotel, meaning that the media bomb must have generated a surface blast, which is incapable of digging any crater at all because the shock wave always takes the line of least resistance, i.e. to atmosphere.  Remember also that the only bombs which make craters are pointy ones dropped at high velocity from aircraft, or those located underground in advance of  [remote] detonations.
            It is here that we bump into our most monstrous problem, and also uncover the explanation of why no aerial photographs of the Marriott Hotel have managed to find their way into your living room. The explosion was not in the driveway outside the hotel, but inside the lobby itself, as shown in the photographs below.  Worse still, the explosion actually occurred BELOW the lobby in the hotel basement, proved by the emergency services worker climbing down a ladder in the crater to get closer to ground zero. Also note the unmistakable pattern of the glass shattering outwards, away from the interior of the hotel lobby.
           Believe me when I say that this was a weapon of staggering power, with an awesome shock wave to match. First the shock wave had to burst up through the 24” reinforced  concrete floor of the lobby, then retain enough power to continue upwards and punch and even bigger hole through the 12” reinforced concrete lobby roof. Even after doing all of that work, the shock wave was still travelling fast enough to trash all of the reinforced laminated windows in the 25-floor condominium building next door to the hotel.
            Within hours the Australian Federal Police were on the scene, reporting that the bomb was made of the same puny materials alleged to have killed more than 200 people in Bali on 12 October 2002. So there we were again, with Australian “experts” claiming that pathetically slow potassium chlorate detergent had just behaved like a sophisticated American bunker-busting micro nuke. Obviously puny potassium chlorate can do no such thing, and those who want a detailed description of this low explosive should click on the “Bali Bomb” link at the bottom of this page.
            Most dangerous for the American Administration are rational and verifiable claims that the US Embassy and others in Indonesia had advance knowledge of the explosion, and took avoidance measures. Sky News has a man in Jakarta who interviewed hotel senior management, then reported, “Hotel bosses said staff and guests had been evacuated before the blast, which happened during the busy lunch hour”.  Though they managed to evacuate the hotel and main areas, there was no time for the restaurant, where many of the fatalities occurred. This claim has been verified by Indonesian television, but was not even mentioned by the western corporate media. Why not?
            Certainly the timely evacuation explains the apparent miracle that no American, British or Australian politicians or officials died or were even injured in the Marriott Hotel, which is situated at the very heart of the diplomatic district in Jakarta. The Marriott opened in September 2001 and is the five-star hotel of choice for western diplomats and others snuffling around in the taxpayer-funded trough, yet not one of them received so much as a simple scratch. Unbelievable!
            The corporate media appeared to be worried that someone somewhere might notice this glaring discrepancy, so paraded a couple of “Australian businessmen” who had been “in their hotel rooms when the bomb exploded”, thereby immediately covering up the reality of the early evacuation by senior management. One of these witnesses claimed to have been hurled right across his hotel room by the blast, though his appearance said exactly the opposite: Snowy white T shirt with not a mark on it, combed hair with no dust or glass fragments marring its perfect appearance, and not a single scratch anywhere on his body. Naturally enough, the flying glass alone should have turned him into a ragged and blood soaked mess.
            Let us hope that these two immaculate Australians were simply
Walter Mitty types merely trying to get their “15 seconds of glory” on television, rather than something infinitely more sinister. Nor are they the only Australians who need to be quietly investigated, or so it seems. On Wednesday morning Australian Prime Minister John Howard was visiting an aboriginal site up on Cape York, which is as remote a place in Australia you can manage to get, with communications stretching only to a simple phone link with the National Capital in Canberra.
            Despite this obvious and severe information drawback, Prime Minister Howard came out with an extraordinary and seemingly impossible statement when talking live on ABC Radio. Referring to the blast which occurred only late the day before, Howard said, "Most of the people who died yesterday were probably taxi drivers and
restaurant employees, people on very low incomes trying to make a living to support their families.”
            In the view of this author, when you are isolated on Cape York without access to detailed information, you would say “hotel employees” because it was a hotel that was bombed. You would only say “restaurant employees” if you already knew that the hotel had been evacuated in advance of the explosion, with most of the casualties occurring in the [separately managed] restaurant. 
            Prime Minister Howard is free to say what he wants, of course, always providing that what he says does not wittingly mislead the Australian public, because that is a crime under Australian law. Let us be generous and assume that the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs was directly responsible, and simply told John Howard about the hotel evacuation on the telephone, thereby making him aware of the restaurant situation.
            No problem there, but why did Howard then go on during the same radio interview to claim, "The type of attack carries the hallmarks of Jemaah Islamiah (JI) but as yet we don't have direct proof…” Forewarned about the evacuation of the hotel, Howard would have been painfully aware that Jemaah Islamiah had absolutely nothing to do with the attack, so on whose orders was Howard deliberately vilifying the Muslim organization? And why did Howard not pass on the critical evacuation information to the Australian public?
Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri certainly has serious terrorist problems, but they
do not originate with the largely mythical organizations al Qaeda or Jemaah Islamiah (JI)
           America’s credibility problems with this vicious bombing do not end there., a respectable Indonesia media outlet  has claimed that the US Embassy cancelled a major booking at the Marriott Hotel only 4.5 hours before the weapon exploded. This English translation is credited to
            “There was something interesting happened just hours before the explosion shocked the JW Marriott Hotel, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. The US Embassy cancelled the booking of 10-20 rooms in that hotel. The cancellation was on 8.00 West Indonesian Time, Tuesday, or only 4.5 hours before the explosion.
            “This information is from employee of Marriott Hotel who refused to be identified. He explained that the booking was made several days ago. The US Embassy's guests were planned to stay for 3 days. And the ceremony was planned on Wednesday. For information, when there was the explosion, the security of US Embassy directly came to the Marriott Hotel in Mega Kuningan. JW Marriott Hotel is known to be used frequently by US Embassy. On 4 July 2003, the Independent Day of US was celebrated on this hotel. Last year, it was also celebrated there."
            Though I am still waiting for independent verification of Detik’s claim, it is entirely consistent with the known behavior and deception used by the media where the evacuation of the hotel is concerned, which “spared” the lives of American, British, and Australian politicians and officials.
            There is the obvious question of why the US Embassy would bother to cancel a ceremony planned for the Wednesday if America intended to bomb the hotel one day earlier on the Tuesday. Logic initially dictates there would be no need because the guests would obviously not enter a bombed and burning hotel on Wednesday. It seems certain that the booking was cancelled because of the 10-20 rooms, which were due to be checked into on Tuesday, the day of the bombing itself.
            Identifying the villains responsible for covert operations of this kind, always boils down to “who benefits?” Clearly with only Muslin dead in an Indonesian hotel, neither the Muslims or Indonesians benefit at all, especially as the bombing was arranged to coincide with the trials of Abu Bakar Bashir and Amrozi, thus hopefully driving more hatred against the Muslim community in general.
            The methods used  in the bombing limit the possible candidates, and no known Muslim organization has access to advanced weapons like these. The only people to benefit are those Americans and/or Israelis driving the false “War on Terror” campaign in their pathetic attempts to retain political power and control, regardless of who has to be murdered to achieve these deranged objectives.
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Update 10 August 2003

Jakarta CCTV Proves Bush & Howard Lying About “Muslim Terrorists”
           The attempted western deception surrounding the bomb blast at the Jakarta Marriott has been destroyed by a handful of frames from a closed circuit television camera located inside the hotel lobby.  Though the Australian Prime Minister and media have been leading a desperate charge to convince the west that a “Toyota Van” allegedly driven by a “Jemaah Islamiah Terrorist” exploded outside the hotel entrance, the CCTV photo shown above proves this to be a deliberate lie.
            It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is certainly true in this case. The white cloud you can see is superfine concrete dust from the reinforced lobby floor, blasted upwards when the bomb exploded in the hotel basement below. How can we be sure of this? If the bomb had been a puny “Potassium Chlorate – Paraffin – TNT” bomb as repeatedly claimed by Australian and American officials, this cloud would instead be oily-black and travelling horizontally from left to right, instantly incinerating the man seen crouching in the picture. In fact this lucky man lived, because he was outside the zone of the vertical [expanding] blast vector.
              For those who may still be skeptical, remember that although puny by comparison with fast 28,000 feet per second RDX high explosive, the shock wave from potassium chlorate-paraffin low explosive still travels at about 3,500 feet per second, or about three times the speed of sound. What this means is that if a “Toyota Van” had really exploded outside the hotel [about 100 feet away from the crouching man], the incoming horizontal shock wave would have reached him in 28.5 milliseconds, or 0.0285 of a single second.
            As any psychologist will tell you, all humans require nearly a second to comprehend a noise or command, and another second to physically react to it, which means that the man in our picture could not have started to crouch in reaction to the bomb blast for a minimum of 2,000 milliseconds – which is seventy times as long as it would have taken for a genuine “horizontal” shock wave to reach him and kill him outright. It is therefore proved with 100% certainty that the awesome weapon was placed and detonated in the basement; not outside on the hotel driveway “in a Toyota Van”.
Indonesian worker standing in the gardens outside the hotel lobby removing the remaining pieces from the
shattered 10-millimeter safety glass windows. Note that the glass fragments around the edges of the window
frames all point towards the worker, i.e. away from the lobby, once again proving the blast was internal.
           It is not hard to guess why the Indonesians discreetly released this damning CCTV footage. Since the Israeli micro nuke was detonated at Kuta Beach in Bali during October 2002, Indonesian politicians and officials have been under intense western pressure to “validate” the false-flag American “War on Terror”, with none-too-subtle hints that if they refused to do so, “Bali might happen again somewhere else”.  Obviously the Indonesians were not compliant enough quickly enough, and Bali just happened again in the basement of the Jakarta Marriott Hotel. At the very least, the CCTV is enough to convince all but the blind that the false-flag story relentlessly peddled by the western corporate media is completely untrue.
            Increasing the deception, television networks world wide enraged you with the news that this was an American-owned hotel, thus artfully inferring that America and Americans had “again” been attacked by alleged “Muslim terrorists”. This claim was also an outright lie. The Jakarta Marriott Hotel is a franchise wholly owned by a businessman in Java, Indonesia, who is also the sole employer of the 600+ Indonesian hotel staff.  So just like Kuta Beach in Bali, the boot has been put into predominantly Muslim Indonesians, and will be again and again, until the besieged Indonesian Government is finally prepared to see things the way America, Israel & Australia demand.
            It is doubtful that Al Capone himself could have run a more convincing protection racket: “Do what you are told, and say what we tell you to say, or we’ll trash the joint.”. Naturally enough, economic blackmail of this magnitude does not sit well with ordinary Indonesians either, including many middle-ranking policemen, some of whom have now gone out of their way to subtly undermine the overwhelming western media’s Marriott myth.
           Most effective of these intentional deflections was a police general cleverly stating that his officers had “found the severed head of Asmal on the fifth floor of the hotel”.  This was actually true, and really gave the game away for anyone astute enough to be paying close attention.  The hotel building is located well behind the lobby entrance, which itself has a 12 inch-thick reinforced concrete roof.
            So exactly what sort of explosive charge would be needed to sever Asmal’s head from his body, fire it upwards with such velocity that it penetrated 12 inches of reinforced concrete with consummate ease, then soared onwards and upwards like a crazed football, retaining sufficient energy to crash in through the laminated safety glass of a bedroom window, located more than 300 feet away from the hotel lobby?  Even RDX couldn’t do that, and the Indonesian police know it.
            Things are now very tense in Jakarta, especially between Indonesia and Australia, with many Indonesian politicians rightly believing that allowing Australian officials to “assist” them with their investigation, amounts to the same thing as allowing the CIA to visit the crime scene in order to discreetly dump false evidence.
            Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s obsequious [and illegal] willingness to be a second-rate Deputy Sheriff for President George W. Bush is now a matter of documented record, and, as a direct result, it is unlikely the Indonesians will be able to trust Australians again for a very long time to come.



















































































































































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